Rural People in Afghanistan

Afghans have been facing with foreign interferences, devastating civil wars, riots and extensive insecurities and this situation certainly has remained extraordinary unpleasant impacts on its economic growth, reduction of development opportunities and paving the way of increasing poverty.
According to experts, in 2018 complicated political situation and continues draught reduced its economic growth to 1.8% and further restricted people access to primary living resources draught in 2018, damaged 22% of agricultural products in 34 provinces that caused increasing hunger and shortage of foodstuffs and rural areas, increasing of IDPs and disturbing of agricultural livelihood.
Prior to draught hunger existed too extensively. From 2016 to 2017 about 13 million Afghans failed to supply primary needs of foodstuffs. In the last decades the number of Afghans who are faced with threat of food shortage increased from 28 to 45% that affected calculation of poverty rate.
Increase of lack of access to foodstuff has close link with shortage of income sources that indicated different factors including water shortage, climate change and continued wars.
Large number of people who are involved in ordinary works failed to lead a normal life thus poverty level is increasing in Afghanistan.

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