Rural Development Trust Organization (RDTO) is a non-profit and non-government organization, founded in 2022, and is registered with Ministry of Trade and Commerce under a license no: 5308.

Development Vision: Prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Afghanistan through eradicating extreme poverty. RDTO combines knowledge, commitment and partnership to fulfill its vision. Integrated, and participatory approach in Natural Resources Management is key to eliminate hunger, adopt to changing climate, and promote education among all walks of life. RDTO is committed to achieve its vision through the following approaches. Involving communities, CDC in Natural Resources Management such as forestation (reforestation, afforestation). Integrated water resources management – starting at upper catchment – middle catchment – lower catchment (irrigated area). Training of the private sector on various livelihood related technologies. Conduct adaptive research in Agriculture, and water resources development. Strong commitment to human rights, child rights, and women, as well as weak. Social and environmental awareness through seminars, workshop to become foundation stone for behavioral change among the village people.

Mission :
Eradicating poverty by promoting livelihood of rural people in Afghanistan, sustainable integrated development through participatory approach in natural resources management that makes real changes in their livelihood, creating ownership and igniting initiative and innovation.